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Skin Shape Club founded as a boutique wellness club provides clinically-proven skin and slimming treatments is located at Level 3 Orchard Central. When you stepped in to the outlet, you will be expected with great services from the therapists and a cozy environment for you to relax after a long day of work. 

It's been more than 3 months from the last time that I went to pamper my skin. Therefore, I'm very thankful for this opportunity to try out on their light therapy treatment Skin Shaper Program. It is a non-ablative and work by using selective light and thermal energy to breakdown melanin, promote collagen regeneration as well as clearing the inflammatory acne. 

A 30 minutes fast process that is very good in improving skin tone and pigmentation as well as acne treatment. 
Why Skin Shape Club?
It has their own R&D team that works together with doctors and dermal experts from overseas and local to come out with the programs and treatments that can be done daily, weekly and monthly.
Changing my shoes ~
 The waiting room. 
 Filling up the application form before the facial begins. 
My concerns: Dark eye circles and hydration
Time for treatment.
Skin Shaper Facial combination of light and heat energy is designed by medical and dermal experts with trademark registered LHE (Light and Heat Energy) technology for skin rejuvenation. 

What is LHE?
LHE is a low energy fluency because it utilises two energies (heat and light) in one instance. It operates from 50 to 200j/cm2 which is suitable for most skin types and skin tone. 

Before using the LHE applicator, the face will be cleansed and exfoliate to remove any impurities and dead skin cells for better penetration of the light heat energy.

The image below is the applicator which the therapist will place onto the skin where pulses of light will be administrated. You will feel a warm sensation but no pain at all. 
Of course after the treatment, the skin will be prepared to absorb skincare serum followed by a mask. In order to achieve optimal results, it is recommended to be done 6 - 12 sessions at weekly interval then switch to monthly treatment as maintenance.
Before 1st Session
2nd Session 
Every time I ended my treatment, I will feel that my skin is much more radiant and brighter. Not only myself, when I meet my client, he also mentioned it to me too. After having LHE treatment, my face is not that easily oily as before and I can see that my dark eye circles for both eyes are slightly lighter too after my 3rd treatment. 

I was also recommended to avoid sun exposure and oily/alcohol based products for 48hours after treatment. 

In addition, what I like about Skin Shape Club is that they have lounge for their clients to enjoy healthy snacks after the treatment. 

I had Chawamushi on my first day of treatment. Yummylicious and healthy~ 
Being their exclusive members, you will get to enjoy a cup of tea, using their wi-fi and read a magazine.

Skin Shaper Facial is priced at $120 for 30 minutes. However, as a new customer you can simply enjoy 4 sessions at the trial price of $96 ($24/session).

BUT, if you have more time, why not upgrade to Skin Shaper Plus Facial to exfoliate by removing the dead skin cells and serum infused facial massafe to boost the skincare penetration and treatment results. 

Price: $160 for 60 minutes 
New customer :4 sessions trial price of $128 ($32/session)

Skin Shape Club
181 Orchard Road #03-13/14
Orchard Central (S)238896
Tel: 6589 8331 
Operating hours: Mon - Sun: 11am - 9pm

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