Fu Lin Men Dou Lao 福临门豆捞 Singapore

Fu Lin Men Dou Lao 福临门豆捞 originated from Macau is located at North Canal Road which is around Boat Quay and Raffles Place area. 

What does Fu Lin Men Dou Lao 福临门豆捞 served?
The restaurant offers Macau styled individual steamboat pot which allow the patron to customize on their own soup base and ingredients to their liking. Meaning, if you have 4 friends to join in, you will be able to try on their 4 out of 9 different soup bases they have. 

Before looking at the types of food available, let me walk you through their restaurant first. 
For the VIP room, a minimum spending of $50 is required. 
Level 1
The three-storey restaurant painted in gold and white with modern and tradition Chinese feel,replete with different size of VIP rooms that are perfect for gathering or even parties. 
 10 Pax Suite 
6 Pax Suite 

They also have function room that cater to 36 persons capacity with fully-equipped AV system for you to enjoy.
Concoct your own dipping sauces with an array of 24 ingredients such as garlic, beef sauce, home-made blended chilli sauce, sesame oil, chives sauces, peanut sauce for you to mix and match. 
Left - Non- Spicy sauce
Right - Spicy sauce 
If you are not good in creating your own sauce, you can also ask the staff to help you to mix their own signature sauce that comes with either non-spicy or spicy one. 

Soup Base
A total of different 9 soup bases which include:
1. Ma-La Spicy Pot ($8)
2. Secret Recipe Seafood Pot ($10)
3.Bone Soup Pot ($10) - Recommended 
4.Chinese Herbal Pot ($8)
5. Mushroom Pot ($8)
6.Chestnut Chicken Pot ($10)
7. Tom Yam Soup ($8)
8.Vegetarian ($8)
9.Tomato Soup ($6)
Tom Yam Soup ($8)
I chose Tom Yum Soup. Overall, Fu Lin Men Dou Lao 福临门豆捞 served in lightly flavoured and healthier. 

 Cold Black Fungus Salad $6
Crunchy, spicy and delicious. 
Fried Fish Skin $8
Deliciously thin, tasty and crispy deep fried fish skin should be ordered while waiting for your food to be cook in your individual steamboat. 
Assorted Vegetables $12 
Assorted Mushroom $14
Consist of 6 different types of mushroom; Enoki Golden Mushroom, White Shimeji Mushroom, Oyster Mushroom, Brown Shimeji Mushroom, King Oyster Mushroom and Shitakae Mushroom. 
Assorted Beancurd Platter $6
From left to right: Beancurd, Green Tea Beancurd and Frozen beancurd. 
This is my first time trying green tea and frozen beancurd and I love it . When cooking the beancurd, I would suggest to put in the steamboat strainer that they provide. The reason why is because the beancurd is simply too soft. 
Homemade assorted treasure balls $16
From left to right: Pork, Prawn, Chicken and Squid. 
I love the texture an mouthfeel.
 Live Tiger Prawn $18
This succulent and fresh prawn is a must to order when you are there. I'm not kidding!
Plus point: you can also ask the waitress/waiter to help you peel off the shell before putting the prawn into the soup.
 Fresh Live Seabass $45
Fresh Live Red Snapper $55
Thinly- sliced fish simply melts in your mouth when you consumed it after you cooked it in your individual hotpot.
 Beef Lamb Platter $38

The meat is good and don't worry, they also have other choices of meat available for you such as pork, chicken. 
Chinese sausage claypot rice $12 (small)
Ending of with the last dish is their signature dish. Before being served, the staff will mix the rice with their special soya sauce and topped it up with chinese sausage and bacon slices. 
Overall, I enjoy myself that night. 
For the lovely month of July, there will be a 10% discount off the total bill. 
Simply present this coupon to them. 

Fu Lin Men Dou Lao
16 North Canal Road Singapore 048828
Reservation Line: 6532 2777
SMS/Whatsapp/WeChat: 9099 1777
Fax: 6532 2177
Email: reservations@fulinmendoulao.com.sg
Website: http://fulinmendoulao.com.sg/
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/fulinmendoulao

Nearest Mrt: Raffles Place or Clark Quay 


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