Monday, 12 January 2015

Music Pillow - Your personal Audio

Love listening to music during night time while reading your books or watching television while lying down or even tired of earbud keep falling off at night? Here's a solution for you - Music Pillow which provide an additional comfort for your nap. 
You can just simply use the cable and plug it into your personal listening device (CD Player, MP3 Player, handphone, laptop) and enjoy yourself with the music. 
You can sleep anyway you like - right or left. It's compact, portable and light weight with super soft plush shearing. I would said that it's definitely good for people who is working as a desk bound job. You can simply have a good short nap on your table with music pillow for you to relax and yet able to listen to your personal audio. 

You can simply get this affordable music pillow at

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