Cherry Garden Mandarin Oriental Hotel - My Birthday Celebration

Credit: Cherry Garden Website 
Cherry Garden (Cantonese Cuisine) presented with artistic modern flair located at Mandarin Oriental Hotel near Marina Square. On Friday (15/08/2014), my friends arranged this restaurant to celebrate my 24th birthday which I totally like it alot especially their services, environment and of course the foods. 

My bff (Li Ping) is totally sweet especially when she knows that I wanted to have colourful crepe, she finds her way to know where to sell it and asked Eric to purchase it on that day. Not forgetting Eric who arranged this lovely dinner at Cherry Garden.

Scroll down and see what have we ordered on that day!
Cherry Garden’s charcoal-roasted BBQ meat platter (樱桃烧味拼盘)
(Small:$34, Medium:$51, Large:$68)
The roasted BBQ meat platter includes Roasted duck, Roasted pork belly and Kurobuta Char Siew. 
I can tell you this is the dish I would HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to everyone. The Kurobuta Char Siew is tender and fragrant. Both Roasted pork belly and duck skins are crispy and I'm sure all of your going to love it like my friends and boyf.
Prawn Duet (酸甜,芥末两味虾)
(Small:$35, Medium:$45, Large:$60)
Cooked with tangy sweet sauce and wasabi sauce and topped up with fresh mini mango and fish roe is recommended by the waitress there and we totally love it. The prawns were crunchy which I totally enjoy every bite and be careful of the wasabi sauce as it might perks you up a little.
PS: It's definitely hard to stop eating it.
Sweet and sour Kurobuta pork with pineapple, cucumber and capsicum 
Kurobuta pork - tender and juicy with their sweet and sour sauce awesome. It will be good if there's rice to accompany with this dish. 
Braised homemade tofu with monkey head 
mushrooms with green vegetables (猴头菇菠菜豆腐盒 )
(Small:$22, Medium:$33,Large:$44) 
Braised tofu - Moist, Soft in the centre and Ciispy at the exterior.
Double-boiled nourishing Chef’s soup of the day  
2. 凤液玉米羹 
Sweet corn chicken soup with egg white 
Zucchini sea treasure soup with tofu and silver sprouts 
Imperial hot and sour seafood soup 

All the soups above price at $12. 
Depending on your preference, you can look through their soup section in the menu. If you are looking something sweet and a little difference - you might look into sweet corn chicken soup with egg white.
My boyfriend who have been my side for 5 years plus :D 

Cherry Garden
Mandarin Oriental Singapore 
5 Raffles Avenue 

Mon to Fri: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Sat & Sun: 11am – 3pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Nearest Station: City Hall/Promenade

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