Sunday, 6 July 2014


HAI YAN BBQ SEAFOOD at Newton Food Centre can be spotted at the front row facing the car park. Being honoured to be one of the bloggers to try out the numerous award-winning store.

The night starts off with plenty of nice, yummy seafood. 
Check out what we had that night.
Baby Kailan 
A simple stir-fry vegetables with oyster sauce brings out the character of the
insipid green. Three words to describe - crunchy, fresh and simply nice. 
Topping of fried onion provides this dish with even more appeal. 

It is available in three sizes: Small ($6), Medium ($15.30) and Large ($12)

Salted Egg Chicken $15/$20/$25
Anything that goes with salted egg will always be my favourite. Beware - It can be addictive. 
Sambal Sotong $12/$15/$20
If you know me, I will usually avoid eating sotong due to its chewy or resilient texture. However, as this is a food review event, I decided to give it a try and it caught me by surprise because its tender and goes so well with sambal. 
LaLa $12/$15/$20
Not really a fan of Lala so I shall not put any comment on this dish. By the way,the sauce is great! 
Tiger Prawn $8per100g
The whole Tiger Prawn topped up with garlic brings out the aroma of this fresh and succulent prawn. 
Sambal Stingray $12/$15/$20
Also known as Ikan Bakar (Barbequed fish), it will always be one of the dishes that I would order in any seafood store or when I'm eating Sze Cha with my friends. As you can see from the picture, it is served with banana leaf with sambal paste smothered generously all over the top. Yummylicious! Not forgetting before eating remember to squeeze the lime. 
 Black Pepper Crab $45 ($5/100g)
What sauces comes to your mind when you think of crab? In Singapore, the two famous are Chilli and Black Pepper. Although it may not be one of the best crab that I've eaten but overall I feel that the taste is just right - not too salty for me. Yum!Yum!
Come down and try it yourself. 

Newton Food Centre
Singapore 229495

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