Sunday, 29 December 2013

Let's cook something unique by using ILC powder

Channel U FB Friends Cooking Workshop by ILC

Gotten the invitation to Channel U Facebook Friends Cooking Workshop by ILC so I bought mummy along as well. Over at there, instead of using Bah Kut Tea Spices to cook Bah Kut Tea, we also get to learn two delicious dishes using that spices. 
Spot me if you can. I'm in this video for just a few seconds. 

ILC Bat Kut Tea Spices
A non-herbal taste which are suitable among children, elderly and people who detest the strong herb taste. In addition, it is also vital to one's health due to the 2 main ingredients  (pepper and garlic). 

Bat Kut Tea Soup
Image from Channel U

ILC Bah Kut Tea Spices (爱丽施肉骨茶汤料) can be easily purchase from supermarkets or wet markets. With just 1 - 2 packets of ILC Bah Kut Tea spices, you can easily cook up a pot Bat Kut Tea Soup.

* In order to bring  out the flavour of Bat Kut Teh , open the bag up
Image from Channel U
Oven roasted Cod Fish with ILC spices 

Chef Patrick sprinkled the cod fish skin with ILC Bat Kuh Tea Spices and baked the fish till the skin is golden brown.
Image from Channel U
Baked Prawn with stir-fried vegetables

Same like the cod fish, sprinkled the ILC powder on top of it and send it to the oven.

After the demonstration from Chef Patrick. We had a hands-on competition for the Baked salted Prawn in 20 minutes and these are some additional ingredients that we can cook together with the prawns. 
Our final product!

A pity is that we did not put alot of ILC powder thus resulting in this pale colour prawn. Nevertheless, it was a fun cooking session with my mum. Can you see we even make the yellow capsicum as a bowl and put in our tomato based stir-fried chopped vegetables in it. If I'm not wrong baked the prawns in the oven for 120 degree and 10 minutes. 
Thanks Channel U and ILC for this oppotunity. 
Both my mummy and I had a great fun over there. 

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