Sunday, 26 August 2012


A new buy 'Castledew' Nail Polishes. 

Castledew Deep Purple (Code:9307) and Midnight Pearl Pink (PK130). Castledew might be a brand that is foreign to most of you but it can be purchased easily at Beauty Language. They match each other very well when applied (: 

Castledew Deep Purple: As the name applied, this nail polish has a very pretty purple colour tone with a little of shiny effect. 

Castledew Midnight Pearl Pink: Transparent yet brings out the shiny effect.

 Left: Deep Purple , Right: Midnight Pearl Pink

 Step 1: Apply Castledew Deep Purple Nail Polish. As for me, I will paint it twice to give a darker colour. 

Second 2: After 1min, apply Midnight Pearl Pink for once. 

Step 3: Wait for about 2-3 minutes to dry and you can prepare to go out with your gorgeous shiny deep purple colour nails . 

If not, you can just simply put on the midnight pearl pink alone on your fingers which it can also be very attractive as well :D 

And of course, they have varieties of pretty colours shown below:

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