Japan - An amazing country with friendly people, clean environment, interesting and delicious food and a great transportation system is a place that you should go. For this trip, I took about 2 weeks to plan the whole journey and it was truly an unforgettable holiday with my husband. After much planning, we decided to proceed to Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. 

To summarise the Japan 8D7N Itinerary: 

Day 1 : Click 'Day 1' for more details
  • Kansai Airport --> Hotel
Day 2  : Click 'Day 2' for more details 
  • Kuromon Ichiban Market 
  • Lucky Owl Cafe 
  • Osaka Aquarium 
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Dontobori
Day 3Click 'Day 3' for more details 
  • Arahakasan Shitenno Ji Temple 
  • Osaka Castle 
  • Osaka Museum of Housing and Living
  • Tenjinbashisuji
  • Dontobori
Day 4 : Click 'Day 4' for more details 
  • Kyoto and Nara Tour
Day 5Click 'Day 5' for more details 
  • Universal Studio Japan
Day 6: 
  • Nippombashi 
  • Cup Noodles Museum 
  • Minoo Park 
  • Dontobori
Day 7:
  • Kyoto Tour
Day 8:
  • Dontobori 
  • Home Sweet Home

I need to highlight the importance of using WIFI in Japan as you will definitely have to use Google Maps to search around especially when you are planning for a free & easy trip. For this, I will recommend using Changi Recommends portable wifi. Connected 2 devices at the price of $34 (with 2 days rental free) promo code: FOC2WIFI was definitely very worth. Guess what? The battery life of the portable wifi surprises me by accompanying my husband and me for more than 8 hours without the need to charge it.

Not forgetting, the unlimited data is another plus point which you do not need to worry about exceeding the data usage (feel free to watch videos, play games, uploading photos and etc). The connection was great too. The collection of the portable wifi is easy for you to pick it up at any Singapore airport terminal.


In Japan, most of the accommodation are expensive and small; therefore, I took sometime to compare the right accommodation to stay in Japan. We decided to stay in Hearton Hotel Nichi Umeda because they are cheap and also very near to the railway station. In additional, we also had day tour which the shuttle bus is just right outside of the hotel. 

Although Hearton Hotel Nichi Umeda is near to the railway station, the rooms are pretty small which 
can hardly walk if you have too many luggages in the room. How to reach the hotel from airport? You can simply buy the tickets online at klook or buy it on the spot and walk to Terminal 1 platform 5 for the limousine bus and alight at Herbis Osaka (travel duration : 60 minutes). The ticket will cost about 1500yen (SGD19).

2 days OSAKA amazing pass can be purchased at  cklook at the price of $41. With this pass you can get unlimited travel on Osaka Municipal subway and Osaka City Bus as well as free entry to many places. Below is an example of how much I save with this amazing pass :)


When you board the trains in Japan, you will be amazed on how comfortable and clean the train is. If you are planning to travel around OSAKA, i will highly recommend you to purchase the 2 days Osaka Amazing pass which include free entrance of certain attractions and unlimited 2 days railway train/bus transport.

Basically, the 2 days OSAKA Amazing pass will pay for the transport ride around OSAKA and the pass only allow if you board the train continuous for 2 days. Since we had planned 2 days (Day 2 and 3) travelling around OSAKA, this pass really save us a lot of money.

Thanks for reading. 

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