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Do you know that having to wear a comfortable and refreshing sanitary pad can help your cramps during period more bearable ? And there are also people saying that certain pads were bleached and applied with chemicals that can produce a dangerous chemical known as dioxyin that lead to cervical cancer and etc. Therefore, with Padeve Herbal Sanitary Pad you do not need to worry as they are made with premium quality materials. Their sanitary pad are made with non-chemically bleached materials.

Padeve's range includes :
Ultra day (24cm, 20pcs ) $6.20
Specially design for daily use.
 Ultra night (29cm, 18pcs) $6.45
Specially for heavy flow period and also to provide better protection against leaks and stains. 

All night (33cm, 6pcs) $3.20
Specially designed to provide extra protection from leaks to ensure worry free sleep all night. ZZZ

Ultra Liners (18cm, 30pcs) $ 3.55
Pantyliners made of high quality materials which give a smooth and comfortable feeling.

I've tried out their Ultra Night which is purple in packaging. The packaging for Padeve pad products as shown above which comes with 4 different vibrant colours. One thing good about the packaging is that I can take out the number of sanitary pad that I wanted just like facial/makeup remover wipes. This is good as it can prevent bacteria invasion and also to minimise the loss of herbal scents. 

To further discuss the sanitary pad, the surface is made of cotton that provide smooth and long lasting comfort which could also provent irritation.It is also made of premium quality materials and infused with special herbs. In additional, it contains high quality super absorbent polymer crystals that provide ultra absorbent. 
The pad is design to be thin and with good absorbent which you can easily pack into any bag.

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