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Taobao - an online shopping website that need no introduction as it's well-known by everyone for their affordable products. As a young couple just like me and M, we definitely love this online platform as it helps us to save up quite a bit when buying furniture for our recent new home.

AND......................I'm definitely more than happy to share with all of your. Below my post, I will also be mentioning which forwarder I'm using to help me in the logistic of my furniture.


There are many different colours and you can access the link by clicking on the header (comfortable computer chair). Decided to choose this two outstanding colours for our computer chair and the material is really good. ** Do note that you have to fix it on your own and this is quite easy to do it.

You can check out the link below to teach you how to fix it :D

Three different colours - White , Beige and Black 
We chose just the kitchen sink without the tap as we bought another kitchen tap. 

Item: Quartz Stone Sink 
Good points: 1. Thick 13mm stone 
                       2. Able to withstand high temperature up to 180 degree Celsius.
                       3. Cleaning is easy and won't have stain on it if sauce just pour on the sink
                       4. Scratch Abrasion

For easy usage , you can pull it out to wash your items and two different ways for the water to flow out too. 

Dimension for this table with shelving 

I swear this is the hardest one to DIY because of the shelving. We really took quite a few hours to solve it. The reason being some of the long steels to fix onto the hole are not straight and M had to knock it to straighten it. Really tiring and we have to encourage each other to go on and finished it up. Phew! Finally the final product is push in to our room and we are really tired and satisfied. TBH , we wont want to buy such a difficult item to fix it anymore. HAHAHAHHA ! 
But if you really want to DIY, please check out the link:

You can adjust the length of this TV console and we are very happy of our final product that we fixed it on ourselves.

8# Vanity Cabinet 
Perfectly fit for my small toilet at home 

Three beautiful lights for my dining table. Beware:The lamp got small hole which insect such as fly can fly in, so I pasted small stickers on it to prevent it. AND it works :D This is definitely worth it, there's one time I went to a light shop to see the lamp and it costs around 300$ while mine is only 50$ including shipping.

Love this spotlight!. 

Not bad. But the pressing of the thing to open and close the cover is not that good. 
Not bad ceiling fan :D 
Love the texture. Soft and nice to step on it. Th carpet is surely worth the buy.

Asked the plumber to fix the water tap and it's not bad but I feel the quality can be alittle bit better.
居家家 简约鹅卵石地毯卧室进门地垫门垫 厨房浴室门口吸水防滑垫 

Thanks for reading ! 


  1. hi, may i know if you used ezbuy to ship your items? and did your shipping come up to a large sum?

    1. Hello. Sorry for the late reply. I did not use ezbuy but with the help of private forwarder

    2. Hi which private forwarder u use?

  2. This post has helped me for an article which I am writing. Thank you for giving me another point of view on this topic. Now I can easily complete my article. visit here

  3. Hi, may I know which private forwarder you used?

  4. I bought the kitchen sink. It’s good in quality and perfect in size. It didn’t took me long to install. It is absolutely great as I expected.

  5. Hi which private provider pls? :)

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  7. Hi. May i ask for the lights did you have to check the voltage etc? And after some time of using, would u still recommend the sink?

    1. As for the lights --> Yes, we do check the voltage and comments before buying. Hi, do you mean the kitchen sink? I still like it but you really have to diligently clean it because white marks can be seen quite easily.

  8. Ceiling fan safe to get ? Any followup if the fan is noisy, or spoilt already ?

    1. I've been using it for a year and so far the ceiling fan is fine. I asked contractor to help me fix it.

  9. Hi May i check with you on bathroom vanity set? I am ezbuy Prime member so there is this ship for me and buy for me. Which shall i choose? Is shipping flat at $2.99 regardless of the weight of the item? Thanks.

    1. Hi Annie,

      Sorry for the late reply. Yes, if you're prime member, the shipping rate will be flat but you still have to pay for the agent fee. I usually go for buy for me.


  10. Do rememberPrime promo is for prime item only.

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  12. Hi Rui Ying

    Found your blog when researching on vanity set from taobao. Can share with us how's the condition of the vanity set after 1 year. And did u have any issues with the P trap (the plastic u shape drainage below the wash basin). Cos the one we use is SG is solid plastic but the one I see on taobao is those flimsy flexible plastic type.

    Hope to hear from u soon


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