My BTO Journey at Rivervale Crescent - Key collection and door opening

After much procrastination, I decided to pen down my journey of my lovely new home with M. Above image is how my estate going to be. 
Our humble 4 room floor plan
Received our keys on 16 December 2015

What do you expect to pay/do during key collection?

At level 2, Counter 213
Insured by Etiqa, based on 4 room flat, the premium is $5.50 for 5 years coverage. Highly recommended to purchase their enhanced home protection(image below) as this basic fire insurance is only covering 4 walls. 
Waiting time: 15 minutes 
Payment term : Cash or Nets 
(source from my neighbour)

2) Proceed to Level 9 to collect your keys and documents. 
Waiting time: 15 - 20 minutes 

3) Payment of Service and Conservancy Charges at Level 3
* This have to be paid every month to the Town Council
Total Premium: $55.50
Payment term: Nets or Cash

4) Activate SP Services (Electric, water) at Level 3 PUB Counter
(not compulsory to do it on the same day)
For me, I applied through online app : "SP Services" Mobile Application Smart Phone App into my android smart phone. 
you can use the eKiosk located inside all the Customer Service Centres 
Submit application online through the website:
Happy us !
As we go ahead with Fengshui Master, we are given a date to open our door and it was on the 
19th Dec 2015. 
Prepared everything that was being informed by our Fengshui Master. 

1) Before we enter into our house, we knocked the door with auspicious things 

2) Husband will prepare the stuffs that was brought and put it in the middle of the house while the wife will have to open the window widely in clockwise position. 

3) Things included 
  a. 2 Pineapples 
  b. 8 bunch of bananas
  c. 5 Oranges 
  d. 5 Apples 
  e. 1 Orange Huat Cake
  f. 1 distilled water 
  g. 2 pots with soil
  h. Gold foil
  i. 9 red plates 
** Before coming to your new house, twist the leaves off from the top of the pineapple first and put it on the pot with soil. 

4) Before you leave the house, place the 2 pots with pineapple leaves (watered the plant with distilled water) and Huat Cake at the corner. 

After 3 days, open the door and clear everything except the Huat Kueh and the pineapple leaves in the pot. Throw the items until it turned into super mouldy. 

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Thanks for reading.

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