Griddy at Westgate

Last week, together with 2 of my friends, we went to Griddy for our food tasting.It was located in the heart of the bustling hub of Jurong East MRT station at Westgate Shopping mall (Gourmet Paradise Section). 

** Quickest way: Escalator down next to Kate Spade Saturday from Level 1.  

3 Gateway Drive, Westgate 
Singapore 608532 
Tel: 6465 9465
Lychee Mojito $3.90 
Started off with Lychee Mojito to quench my thirst. 
Tempura Fish Strips with Laksa Dip ($5.90)
My first time trying Tempura Fish Strips dipped in Laksa sauce as it is usually seen with tartar sauce.
Anyway it is creative and really goes superbly with the laksa dip.
 Mid Wings with Dips $7.90 (with choice of 2 Dips) 
Salted Egg Yolk/ Laksa/ Creamy Garlic/Dill
You can get to choose 2 dips out of the 4. As for me, Laksa and Creamy Garlic dip will best complement to the tender wings. 
Mushroom Soup $3.90
Yummy Yummy Yummy!! 
 Tom Yum Pasta with Pan-Seared Salmon $10.90
This is interesting as it's my first time seeing tom yum pasta in aglio olio style. Paired with lightly-seared Salmon steak,this spicy and sour tom yum pasta is definitely one of the choice to order. 
** Mind you, some of you might feel that it's spicy because of the chilli padi. 
Griddy Burger $9.90
It's a good change from the original form like bun or wrap you see outside. The size of the waffle is also specially chosen to fit the ingredients like the meat and vegetables.
Salted Egg Yolk & Caramel $8.50
Before i comment anything, I just simply want to profess my love for salted egg yolk. As you can see, the salted egg yolk sauce is served separately so as to prevent the ice cream from melting too fast. Before you eat, just pour the sauce over the creamy Vanilla Gelato and waffle to achieve the perfect combination of savoury and sweet taste. 

If you ask me, this is going to be winner that I will pick. The portion is also just nice for a person or to be shared with another person after having a heavy meal (main dish). 
 Chocolate Madness $11.50
Who don't love chocolate? This is another one that is hard to resist too.
For this Chocolate Madness, the ice cream include Rocher and Belgian Chocolate Gelato with kids favourite cocoa crunch and chocolate sauce.

Not too sweet which is just nice for my liking.
Over the Rainbow $11.50
Don't you think by looking at first sight, you will feel happy? 
This is so pretty - Strawberry Cheesecake and Vanilla Gelato topped with Strawberry Jam, Marshmallows, Maple Syrup and colourful Rainbow Sprinkles. However, I feel that this is a little too sweet for me but might be perfect for kids that have sweet tooth. 

Thanks for reading!

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