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The COMB Singapore located at 12 Gemmil Lane is a hair salon with professional stylist to assess the health of your hair before recommending the suitable services and treatments.As for me, I'm a person who neglect my hair to the extend that I can don't visit the hair salon for more than 8 months. 

Thankfully, The Comb Singapore approached me and then I decided to do touch up my hair colour.
Their products are neatly arranged. 
My Senior Stylist is Angie on that day. The moment when I sat down, she asked what I wanted to do to my hair and I mentioned to dye my hair. After looking at my hair colour, she immediately mixed the right colour to touch up my hair roots. 

Oh yah, to mention about the staff being attentive, after finished my tea, the receptionist quickly asked if I want to have one more. 

Other than touching up my hair roots, Angie also trim my messy fringe. 
Love their service. The moment I walked in, a Korean receptionist direct me to my seat and passed me the menu to ask me to choose my drink. I chose Silver Moon tea ~
 After about 2 hours in the hair Salon ~

12 Gemmil Lane Singapore 069252
+65 64383138


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