Monday, 11 May 2015


1. 胡椒餅 Black Pepper Bun 
You can conveniently find it at the main entrance of Raohe Night Market which you will be able to see a long queue waiting for their black pepper bun that costs 30NT for each. If not, you can locate it somewhere at C.K.S culture station just like me. 

The ingredients include pork with spring onions, black pepper and other spices. When you bite it, you will be able to enjoy the crispy bread shell with the tender black pepper taste pork inside. Not forgetting, sesame to be sprinkled on to top of the bun before sticking the buns to the sides of the hot canisters which you can see the picture below. 

Don't forget to try it when you are there. 

2. 大餅包小餅
Located at Shilin Night Market 
1 for 35NT, 3 for 100NT or buy 6 get 1 free. 
As I did a little research on this food, it is basically means a bigger bun (大餅) wrapped  with smaller bun  (小餅). From the pictures below, you can get to choose different flavours to be wrapped inside. When you decided your flavours, the girl will take one of the crispy small bun hit it real hard to be wrapped with the popiah skin and sprinkled the flavours that you have chosen. 

Although it may be an innovative idea but still this is not to my liking. Feel free to try it as you will not get to try it in Singapore. 
3. Chicken wing rice roll (雞翅包飯)
The chicken wing rice roll is awesome and we bought it at Tamsui 淡水. The boneless chicken wing stuffed with delicious and fragrant friend rice and marinated with their own sauce is a must to try when you are in Taiwan. 

It's good to have both the chicken and fried rice to be eaten easily when you are still walking. GRAB AND GO~

    4. Tian bu la (甜不辣)

For a price of 40NT (small cup) or 55NT (Large cup) you will enjoy yourself with different fish paste that have been molded into different shape that is either deep-fried or boiled in a broth as well as white carrot. You brown sauce will then be poured all over the ingredients. 

In addition, you can request to enjoy their broth to be added in your empty cup after you finished eating the Tian Bu La. 
5.Scallion pancake (蔥抓餅)

Bought it at XiMenDing at the price between 25NT - 65NT. This is my favourite when I first had it. Simply choose any ingredients that they stated and add an egg for extra flavours. I will also suggest you to eat straight away when it still stay steaming hot. 
6. Liu Yu Zi 劉芋仔

Salted Egg with pork floss taro Ball - 20NT each 
 Fried Taro Ball - 15NT
Located at Ning Xia Night Market, you can get to see this interesting taro ball that is usually line up with many people. To me, the yam is not that sweet and its crispy outer. However, I don't really find it yummy to be eaten again. 
7. Wrapped Peanut Brittle Crumbs & Ice Cream
This is my first time eating icecream with the popiah skin which I never see it in Singapore. When you ordered a portion, the person will shave the peanut candy and placed it on the popiah skin and two scoops of ice cream are served. the coriander is also added to give the extra aroma. 

When done, you will then enjoy this wrap that is placed in a plastic bag with the price of 40 NT can be found in Xinmending. 

Yummlicious ~
8. Lai Ah Po Yu Yuan 赖阿婆芋圆 

When you are at Jiu Fen, Lai Ah Po Yu Yuan is something you must try. The 45NT bowl can be chosen between cold or hot with their handmade taro, sweet potato and green tea glutinous ball. Soft and chewy. 
9. Mushroom

Small serving at the price of 50NT and the bigger serving at the price of 80NT.
There are many flavours to choose for your mushroom and we decided on lemon with pepper to be added. My boyfriend don't really like it but personally I find it very nice as it's fragrant with their sauce and very juicy.  

Apply it with sweet and sour sauce with wasabi give this fried fish an extra flavours. 
11. 王子起司馬鈴薯 (Prince Cheese Potato)

We ordered the combination of all ingredients at the price of 55NT. The mashed potato is molded into an oval shaped and covered with bread crumb to be deep fried at high temperature. After frying and let it to cool down, the ingredients such as bacon bits, corn, pineapple, brocolli, hard boiled egg, turkey, ham was added and not forgetting the cheese. 
12. Egg Oyster Omelette 
Their egg oyster omelette is quite different from Singapore. The difference would be that their version is more chewiness and also the brown sauce which you will not be seen in Singapore. 
14. 刘山东牛肉面 Liu Shan Dong Beef Noodles 
Hidden in the alley, this beef noodles is something you must try at Taipei. Ordered (紅燒牛肉麵). Th thick noodles is firm and chewy together with their rich beef soup and beef meat makes overall dish so delicious. 
Prickles at the side to let you add in to your noodles. 
15. Braised pork rice (滷肉飯)
Braised pork rice at Formosa Chang restaurant. A bowl of hot rice comprises of finely chopped sweet cum salty pork belly in the soy sauce with five spices to enjoy. Although, it is a very simple dish but definitely good to let you have another bowl. 

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