Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Art Loft - To bring meaning to life

Don't you think ART makes a home prettier and interesting. It adds on the personality, texture, colour and life to a room. (looking at no.1 and 2)

On 16 April, Art Loft held a launch event to promote their online art platform and services. Together with Tiffany, we really had a good time enjoying and taking pictures of the art displays.

In Singapore-Art has been perceived to lag behind the digital revolution. Traditionally sold offline, Art Loft prides itself to be the first Asian platform to bring art online.
With the pop-up art display in the cosy residential area, it aimed to let people to see how they can put art into their own space.Guided by Michelle Chan donned in green dress who bring us through the various curated rooms and introduced us the artists and their works.
Benny Goerlach an Australian born artist residing in Singapore. While I was looking around, his art piece left me with great impression especially the 2 pieces ('Fatboy' and 'Cardboard Auntie'). He cleverly used the every day life in his prints to create a awareness to the public. 

Pieces done by Stefanie Hauger who walked away as a winner of the 2013 UOB Southeast Asian painting of the year (singapore) competition. 

Art piece by Chu Mirim

Done by a Singaporean artist and illustrator  - Eeshaun
Colours bring happiness 

Instead of admiring the art pieces in the gallery, why not buy or rent it online? For as low as $20 per month, you can rent the piece that you like to put in your own space to see if the artwork suitable for that area. This is especially good if you are buying art for the first time. 

With an artpiece of $3400, you can easily rent it at such an affordable price of $29 for 30 DAYS. 

Other than the unique feature of renting it, ART LOFT also allow magnifying the picture to let you have a closer look even if you want to purchase online.
You can also choose the art piece that you like and press the icon view in room to see how it works out. 

Other than purchasing or renting it, Art Loft are also constantly looking for talented and emerging Asian artists as well.

What are you waiting for?

Log in to: http://artloft.co to find out more. 

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