Scrum 冲锋 [[Private Screening Event]]

On Thursday (20 Feb 2014), Channel U invited bloggers, fans and some polytechnic students as well as media to Sheraton Hotel for a private screening event. Bought Jessie along and also helped her to take lots of Jeffery Xu pictures. *-*
 Host for the day - DJ 933fm (Jeff)
Raising a loud cheers from the fans as Felicia Chin, Chris Lee, Jeffery Xu, Allen Chen, Jae Liew, Kerry Wong and other rugby players in the show walked up to the stage. Everyone of them introduced their role in Scrum 冲锋. 
Before looking at the first episode of Scrum冲锋, Jeffery Xu (徐鸣杰) serenading the crowd with the drama themesong of #uscrum 冲锋.

We then proceed to the segment that everyone has been waiting for - preview the first episode of Scrum.

During the first episode, you can get to see the fiery coach Huang Zhaonan (Felicia Chin) with a mixed of comedy scene especially when she pushes the referee causing him to nearly swallow the whistle during the scuffle. Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! - from the referee. You will get to see the introduction of the character of the cast as well. 

An over-aged brat, Li Yong Chun enrolled in the school as an undercover agent to gather evidence against gambling syndicate. 

After watching the full episode 1, I can't wait to continue watching the show. 
Games for the audience and casts

A drama show with a bunch of desirous polytechnic rugby teams lost numerous times in competition have resulted in some players giving up and trading their dreams for greener pasture. All of them are being looked down by their school students and are also known as the hooligans without teeth in the school. In order to bring back onto the path of victory - their only hope is to have a experienced coach. Do you think Huang Zhao Nan is the one that can bring them back to victory?

Stay tune on ChannelU to catch Scrum every Wednesday to Friday at 8pm, starting February 24. 

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