Bijin Nabe [美人鍋] - Rich in Collagen @ Tsukada Nojo

Bejin Nabe [ 美人鍋 ] a.k.a beauty pot restaurant is located at Level 3 Plaza Singapura. By looking at the title of my post, you should roughly know that the soup may contain collagen. If you are, then you are right. It's actually a hotpot with collagen rich broth together with chicken from Miyazaki, Japan, served with various prawns, vegetables, mushroom, meat and other ingredients. In addition, the soup does not contain any MSG in it. So girls, do drink more and perhaps your skin will be beautify :D  

Each person costs around $30 after including GST and service charge. Initially, we did not plan to patronise this restaurant for our dinner but later decided to change our mind and lucky we managed to get 6 seats. 

The hotpot arrived at our table containing lumps of collagen pudding shown above on the left hand side of the picture. After heating about 4- 5 minutes, the collagen melted into the delicious chicken soup. There are chicken buried within the pudding. Before putting any ingredients in, take a sip of their goodness golden JIDORI chicken soup and taste their chicken first. 

After the soup boiled, the staff helped us to put the ingredients systematically.
Ingredients included prawns but we changed to tori tsukune (minced chicken to be made into meat balls), zucchini, watermelon radish, wintermelon, black fungus, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, tofu and mushrooms. 

Complimentary dessert served with 6 small cubes of jelly depending on the number of people.

Not forgetting that those who are first timers will have their first business card (Assistant Manager). A stamp will be given for each dinner visit. Therefore, with this Assistant Manager Level business card, on the subsequent visit, a free appetizer will be given as well as promoting to the next management level. 

My verdict: 
Overall, I feel that it's very filling and nice and thus I feel that the price is reasonable. As you stepped into the restaurant, you will feel very comfortable as the staff were clad in traditional Japanese garb giving their best smile to welcome you in. I love their service and would definitely come back for more (:

Tsukada Nojo
Plaza Singapura 
68 orchard Road #03-81
Douby Ghaut 
Singapore 238839
Tel: 63365003

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